It's in 1892 that SEIKO Precision Inc. Japan, formerly named
SEIKOSHA Co., Ltd. Was Founded as a clock manufacturer.
Since then, the history of our company was almost equal to
the history of Japanese clock industry.

  The big event that SEIKO served as official timekeeper

to Tokyo Olympic Game in 1964 spread SEIKO brand to all over
world as the most dependable timepiece producer.

  SEIKO worked as an official time keeper of Olympic
  Game for Sapporo in 1972, Barcelona in 1992, Lillehammer in 1994, Nagano in 1998 and Salt Lake City in 2002. Our quartz technology was developed in 1959
as the first quartz clock and was being improved until now.
  Our clock movement is already well known as the most reliable movement by clock
  assembling companies all over the world.The movement markings "SKP/SKC" identify
not only the movement but also the clock featuring it as high imaged goods to the market.

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